Behind the Blog

I’m honored and humbled to be the inaugural “Behind the Blog” blogger for the lovely Kim of “At Home with Kim.”

If you haven’t yet discovered her site and her warm smile, I’m happy to introduce you.

Fabulous Blog Followers, meet Kim.

Kim, meet my Fabulous Blog Followers.

Kim writes about a great array of topics to help you manage and enjoy your home, family, and friends — from healthy eating to running to photography — with grace and ease. And she has some pretty kick-ass recipes, too. Although I’m pretty sure she would never say “kick-ass.” She’s much more refined than I am.

If you’d like to know more about me and my blog (as if you didn’t already know EVERY INTIMATE DETAIL about my life), you can read it right here.

Or if you’d prefer to watch Jimmy Fallon’s “Housewifes of Late Night” in Indianapolis (which I do on an hourly basis), click here instead. (“Oh, I’m taking the pineapple…”)

Happy weekend, Loves! XO

About Katrina Anne Willis

Professional copywriter, author, friend, lover, dreamer, drinker of red wine.
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5 Responses to Behind the Blog

  1. Leah Kirk Brezette says:

    Katina! It’s Jimmy Fallon…not Kimmel…. HI-LARIOUS stuff!

  2. Leah, I fixed it! Thanks to you and Lais for pointing it out. I obviously shouldn’t post anything before my third cup of coffee! 🙂 (Sorry, Jimmy!)

  3. That was an awesome interview!! I loved all the great pics (especially the one with the two of us in it!) And thanks for the shout-out. You’re so great! Have I told you that lately? You really are, you know… XO

  4. Dawn Pier says:

    What Andrea said! (minus the photo part). And thanks for sharing that Jimmy Fallon clip – OMG I laughed so hard!

  5. Katrina, thanks again for the interview! Loved reading your responses and the photos you shared. Have a super weekend!!!

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