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Stay Gold

I hit an animal driving away from Mom’s nursing home on Christmas Eve. It was dark on the back country roads, and the little one came out of nowhere, white and fast. The thunk she made on the front of … Continue reading

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By the Numbers

4: Number of months since I lost my job, my primary source of income, and my insurance. 337: Dollars left in my checking account. 3: Nights I spent in the hospital with a severe asthma incident right before losing my … Continue reading

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Life at 49

I am trying to stay positive. I am trying to remember everything that remains rather than dwelling on what I’ve lost. But so much has been lost. Much of that is my fault. Much of it is not. Much of … Continue reading

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Meeting Indiana Bones

It’s no secret that the past couple of months have been challenging in every way–emotionally, financially, medically, professionally. And on the heels of a few extra challenging years, I wonder sometimes when I’ll get to take a breath again. One … Continue reading

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The Chapter Formerly Known as 35

I’ve been looking for silver linings lately. It’s a bit of a necessity when you’re unexpectedly unemployed and uninsured. The biggest, most profound silver lining for me right now is the time I’ve had to work on completing my memoir. … Continue reading

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When I reported my rape at age 21, two weeks after–in a cold, sterile, eerily quiet room; with the smell of him still, forever, in my nose; after my concerned sorority sister called my mom to tell her; and after … Continue reading

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Mauve Sheets and Almonds

This weekend, George was invited to play in a Mendelssohn octet at the Toledo Museum of Art. I had just moved a state away for my brand new job, and I made the first of what will be many decisions … Continue reading

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